About Us

Amaron Rubber is a company specializing in the production of rubber products, which can be broadly categorized into three tiers: tires, industrial rubber products used in the manufacturing of aircraft, motor vehicles, and railroad construction. Additionally, they manufacture items such as bathing caps, gloves, rubber rings, and mats.

Amaron Rubber produces a variety of rubber products, some derived from hard raw rubber and others from latexes. Examples include gloves, rubber thread, and foam rubber seats. The production of rubber products involves two key stages. In the initial phase, raw rubber is blended with essential ingredients using a milling machine to create rubber stock.

In the final stage, semi-finished rubber products undergo vulcanization at temperatures of around 200 degrees Celsius. Vulcanization equipment options include apparatus, boilers, and presses, selected based on the specific type of rubber products being manufactured. Industrial rubber goods encompass both molded and unmolded items, including hoses and conveyor belts.

In the realm of molded industrial rubber products, there are approximately 30,000 variations, including items like sealing components, shock absorption materials, packing materials, and oil prevention caps. Unmolded industrial rubber goods, numbering around 12,000, are primarily employed for sealing purposes in standard vehicles, aircraft, and railroad cars, such as sealing windows and doors. Conveyor belts are specialized for material transport.

Numerous rubber manufacturing companies have honed their expertise in rubber production. However, Amaron Rubber stands out as a renowned company committed to delivering high-quality rubber products to discerning clients.

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