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Custom Rubber Gaskets

Amaron Rubber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality custom rubber gaskets.

Amaron Rubber specializes in crafting custom gaskets, employing a diverse range of production techniques and material choices to address complex sealing requirements effectively. Our production encompasses gaskets and seals made from an extensive array of materials, such as Rubber, Cork, Felt, Vegetable Fibre, Conductive Silicone, Foam, Non-Asbestos, and more. We provide a comprehensive selection of materials, including standard commercial grade and specification grade options to align with Military, FDA, and ASTM Specifications. Additionally, we excel in formulating tailor-made materials to cater to precise high-performance applications, showcasing our dedication to meeting specialized needs.

the gasket
The gasket o ring
the custom gasket o ring
The standard and custom gasket o ring
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