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Industrial Ring & Flange Gaskets:

Industrial ring and flange gaskets ensure tight seals between pipe and valve flanges, preventing leaks in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. These gaskets, made from materials like rubber and metal, are vital in maintaining operational integrity and safety.

O ring rubber steal molded Products
molded products

Sponge Rubber Molding

Sponge rubber molding produces flexible, porous rubber products used for insulation, cushioning, and vibration reduction. With open-cell structure, it adapts well to uneven surfaces, making it valuable for creating gaskets, seals, and comfort items.

Sponge rubber molding

Uses Of Sponge Rubber Molding:

  • Creates insulation pads and seals for industrial equipment.
  • Cushioning material in footwear, seating, and packaging.
  • Provides vibration absorption in machinery and appliances.
  • Conforms to uneven surfaces, sealing gaps effectively.
  • Used in environments requiring dust, moisture, and noise control.

Solid Rubber Molding

Solid rubber molding manufacturers durable, non-porous rubber components like seals, O-rings, and grommets. Resistant to chemicals and UV exposure, solid rubber products excel in harsh environments requiring airtight, long-lasting seals.

solid rubber molding

Uses of Solid Rubber Molding

  • Produces durable seals for automotive engines and machinery.
  • Creates grommets for electrical wiring applications.
  • Manufactures O-rings for fluid sealing in various industries.
  • Withstands exposure to chemicals and extreme temperatures.
  • Provides reliable, non-porous seals in harsh environments.

Oil Seal

Oil seals, or shaft seals, prevent fluid leaks around rotating or reciprocating shafts in machinery, automotive engines, and industrial equipment. These seals, typically with rubber sealing lips, minimize friction and maintain equipment functionality by containing oil and blocking contaminants.

Uses of Oil Seal:

  • Used in automotive engines to prevent oil leaks around crankshafts and camshafts.
  • Essential in industrial machinery to contain lubricating oils.
  • Prevents contaminants from entering sensitive components.
  • Maintains equipment efficiency by reducing friction on rotating shafts.
  • Found in applications such as pumps, motors, and gearboxes.
oil seal
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