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Fabric Reinforced Hoses

Amaron Rubber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality fabric reinforced hoses.
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Glossy Turbo Hose For A3
Glossy Turbo Hose
Glossy Turbo Hose For A3

Fabric-reinforced hoses are hoses with embedded fabric layers for added strength and durability in fluid transfer applications. At Amaron Rubber, we proudly manufacture and supply a variety of industrial products, including Fabric Reinforced Hoses. Explore their features and applications.

Uses of Fabric Reinforced Hoses

  • Industrial Machinery: Facilitating fluid movement within machinery and equipment, these hoses contribute to seamless operations in manufacturing and construction sectors.
  • Automotive Industry: Used for fuel lines, coolant systems, and air intake applications, these hoses are integral to efficient automotive performance.
  • Marine and Shipbuilding: Ensuring fluid transfer on ships and boats, these hoses withstand marine conditions for safe and reliable operations.
  • Chemical Processing: Within chemical plants, these hoses safely transport various chemicals, contributing to efficient processing and handling.
  • Construction Projects: Integral for concrete pumping and plaster spraying, these hoses streamline construction tasks and material handling.

  • Agricultural Sector: Used in irrigation systems, pesticide spraying, and agricultural fluid conveyance, contributing to effective farming practices.

  • Fluid Transport: Across diverse industries, these hoses are vital for transporting water, oil, chemicals, gasses, and more.

  • Temperature Variation: Their ability to handle different temperature ranges makes them adaptable to varying operational conditions.

  • Flexible Maneuvering: Despite their reinforcement, these hoses maintain flexibility, allowing them to navigate tight spaces.

  • Construction Sites: Vital for tasks involving concrete pouring, plaster spraying, and other fluid-based construction activities.

  • Industrial Applications: Used in factories for various fluid handling needs, ensuring continuous and efficient production.

  • Aerospace Industry: Employed in aerospace applications, where fluid transfer demands high-performance and reliability.

  • Water Management: Essential for managing water resources, including irrigation, drainage, and fluid movement in water-related projects.

  • Fluid Cooling: In cooling systems, these hoses facilitate the flow of coolant, preventing overheating in equipment and engines.

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